The martial art of sword in Korea is a knowledge for five thousand years with the name (GUMSUL CUMBUP).

Designed and used as a multidimensional martial art for the purpose of self-protection and survival in the simplest form as a personal workout – engagement.

HEADONG CUMDO is traditional martial art of the sword, which transfers the data from the old version of a new interpretation in modern times. It shows what the completed form sword technique through which shows us the way to the search of true human existence.

Primarily the HEADONG CUMDO as traditional Korean art of the sword stands for inner balance and practice achieves the harmonious cooperation of body and mind.

The educational authorities of Haedong Gumdo:
Loyalty, obedience, courtesy, justice.


By engaging trying to understand the tradition and practice of a creative and healthy martial art.
We focus on the treatment of personality based on the principle of Shimshingapilgum, the unity of the sword and body.
Based on the traditional sword highlight as the basis of martial art and as the foundation of a healthy personality.
Systemize traditional Gumbup a positive and scientific basis and use it as physical education and martial art.
We emphasize on courtesy and good manners to become characters with kindness through this training.
critically study the traditional use of the sword and martial arts from other countries to establish the identity of Haedong Gumdo on a sound basis.
We maximize physical activity with the proper use of leisure time to improve the nature of Wisdom, Virtue Health and dealing with the principles of introspection, self-criticism and discovery of self, so that the students can get introduced to the idea of moving through calm and unity of sword and Zen …

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